1. Deposit:
a. A deposit of 25% is required at the time of booking to secure your date.
b. All deposits are non-refundable.
c. The balance is due 21 days before the date of the wedding.

2. Cancellations:
a. Weddings sometimes need to be cancelled. We strongly recommend that all couples take out comprehensive wedding insurance to protect themselves from costs if they need to cancel.
b. The Customer(s) may cancel this booking at any time by giving written notice to VOWS Wedding Videos.
c. Refunds are only available if it is requested in writing and sent by recorded delivery within seven days of booking only. A 15% fee of the full booking price will be charged for administration purposes.

d. Cancellation charges are as follows;
i. More than ninety days prior to the date = deposit only.
ii. Ninety days to thirty days prior to the date = deposit plus half the remaining cost.
iii. Less than thirty days prior to the date = full amount.

3. Filming:
a. Filming will only take place at the agreed locations. Any additional locations will incur additional costs, or may be refused altogether.
b. It is your responsibility to obtain permission(s) at all venues.
c. We advise that you inform anyone officiating at the wedding that there will be video cameras filming the wedding.
d. We shall respect the wishes and regulations of anyone officiating at a wedding, which may include restrictions on where we position our cameras. Should this occur, we shall work with them to achieve the best possible coverage of your wedding day.
e. Videographers shall be provided with a meal and drink (not as part of the main wedding breakfast, but in the bar or other area).

4. Editing:
a. We will use music chosen at the time of booking, which you may alter anytime up to and including the wedding date.
b. We can make minor changes to the initial wedding video edit, but anymore than this will incur charges of £40 per hour.
c. We aim to complete the finished wedding video and present it to you within 2 months of the wedding date. In practice, delivery will usually be well within this timeframe.
d. This is an estimated delivery date and not a guarantee.

5. Unforeseeable Errors:
a. If we are unable to film your wedding video due to equipment failure or circumstances beyond our control, then you shall receive a full refund. We are not liable for further damages though.
b. Discs will be replaced free of charge if any fault is reported within 7 days or receiving it.
c. Extras that require guest participation, such as marryoke and best wishes messages, are subject to suitable conditions and levels of participation, and may not be fulfilled if no suitable area can be found or if guests are unwilling to take part.

6. Promotional Material:
a. We reserve the right to display a highlights, or full marryoke, video of your day on our website or for other promotional material.
b. We will not sell or permit third party companies to use your video.

7. Updating Terms and Conditions:
Our terms and conditions may change over time, but we shall display them on our website: www.vowsweddingvideos.co.uk